[Zope] Re: Zope digest, Vol 1 #2654 - 34 msgs

Frederic Faure ffaure@bigfoot.com
Sat, 15 Mar 2003 21:00:03 +0100

At 13:40 14/03/2003 -0800, Dylan Reinhardt wrote:
>Sounds like a great idea... when you think you've gathered enough 
>arguments to share, you should write it up and submit it to www.zope.org.

:-) Well, just showing people that they don't have to stick an index.php in 
every single sub-directory of their site is a pretty nice way to get them 

Second, having a great OOP language like Python is another plus

And finally, the fact that Zope is a breeze to install and is available for 
different OS's as well is another plus.

The only thing that might make people suspicious are performance (since I 
understand most of Zope is built in Python instead of being compiled for 
the given platform), and having to learn Python and DTML/ZPT, but it's not 
that big a deal.

BTW, I found that playing with PHITE helped me a lot to understand how Zope 
worked and what added value it offered compared to eg. PHP.