[Zope] Yet another Zcatalog question--PrincipiaSearchSource

Thomas Guettler Thomas Guettler <thomas@thomas-guettler.de>
Sun, 16 Mar 2003 20:38:45 +0100

On Fri, Mar 14, 2003 at 09:43:43AM -0500, Chris Muldrow wrote:
> Right now we've got our main Catalog storing only information about a
> Zclass, and it's only got one ZCTextindex--on PrincipiaSearchSource. I'd
> like people to be able to search the title AND the PrincipiaSearchSource at
> the same time

You could write a python method which is called
PrincipiaSearchSource. This returns the combination of the original
text and the title.

> And now to complicate things even more...
> Say I want to mix it up a bit and include pictures in my search. Our
> pictures have a property called Cutline that would need to be indexed. Could
> we trick the Catalog into also indexing Cutline in the same TextIndex? Or am
> I just talking crazy now?

def PrincipiaSearchSource(self):
	return "%s %s %s" % (self.oldPrincipiaSearchSource, self.title, self.Cutline)

BTW, according to the general style guide attributes should be written
with lower case. (*C*utline)


Thomas Guettler <guettli@thomas-guettler.de>