[Zope] Macro question

Geir Bækholt Geir Bækholt
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 08:15:29 +0100

On  Mon, 17 Mar 2003 15:43:27 +1100 GMT (..5:43 where i live(GMT+1) )
pskipworth@touchcorp.com asked the Zope mailinglist about the following:
ptc> Hi,

ptc> I'm setting up a site that has a different Zope folder per section of 
ptc> content. Each section has multiple pages but each page has a common menu 
ptc> down the left hand side of the page. 

ptc> I figured I would have one main template at the top level, and then a 
ptc> 'sub-template' within each folder that fills a 'menu' slot within the 
ptc> main template. The subtemplate will have a 'content' slot which each 
ptc> individual page will fill with content. 

what about making just one "main"-template that you use for all pages,
with just the "menu"-template exporting your menu-macro in the
Then you can have something like
<div class="menu" metal:fill-slot="here/menutemplate/macros/menu">
in your "main" template..


Geir Bækholt