[Zope] How to read Folders...

Sorin Marti mas@semafor.ch
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 10:58:01 +0100

Hi all,

First of all I think the subject isn't very significant. I don't know 
how to call the problem I got so maybe I didn't find anything on google 
or zope.org because of that...

I am using LocalFS and point to a directory in my local Filesystem. 
Users are allowed to upload LaTeX document sources which are compiled 
and stored in this folder. In the Folder (where LocalFS points to, lets 
say its upload_folder) I've got different categories (for example 
upload_folder/technical_documents or upload_folder/howtos or anything else)

The user specifies a category and his document is then stored as a 
subfolder of the specific category-folder (example 
in this subfolder there is an index.html for the (compiled) TeX-document 
and a folder named 'pdf' for the pdf document.

That's the situation. Now I want a dtml-document which shows the 
uploaded documents in a table for each category like: 

How can I get these links? I tried around with objectValues but I didn't 

Have you any links to good howtos? Is objectValues the right way to do 
that? any advices, hints?

Thanks for helping me.

    Sorin Marti