[Zope] How to call a method on another object in DTML

Max M maxm@mxm.dk
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 13:19:59 +0100

pieter claassen wrote:

>I am trying to render the index_html method of another object in a new
>"wrapper" object.
>Normally you just do a <dtml-var object> and Zope will find the object.
>But what if the object is far away in another hierarchy and I want to
>render it (not call its index_html method on my object!)

It is a bit unclear what you are trying to do. But to get to the object, 
you need a path to it. Just use the first objectManager that they both 
share as the root.

    <dtml-var "path.to.some.object.index_html()">

To give it a new context, you can pass it "this()" as an argument ( a 
"mapping dictionary")

    <dtml-var "path.to.some.object.index_html(this())">

You can even hand it some named parameters also:

    <dtml-var "path.to.some.object.index_html(this(), title_or_id='Some 
New Title')">

The values in the dtml page will be looked up in this order:

named parameters -> mapping dictionary -> the objects original context

regards Max M