[Zope] what advantage does zope has over apache (help)

Dylan Reinhardt zope@dylanreinhardt.com
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 08:46:06 -0800

Apache's strength is that it serves static content reliably and at high 
volumes.  It is also quite good at handing off requests to other 
systems.  By itself, Apache doesn't really have any programming 
framework... though you can certainly load in stuff like PHP.

If you think about Apache that way, Zope isn't really a replacement for 
Apache.  Think of Zope as a replacement for PHP/ASP/JSP.  Zope is a 
full-featured app framework, as opposed to a file-oriented scripting 
language.  Zope is highly object oriented and provides security that is 
strong, flexible *and* intuitive.  And you can program it in Python, which 
is its own reward. :-)

Though it's possible to run Zope *instead* of Apache, it's quite common to 
run Apache as a reverse proxy for Zope.  Both systems can serve HTTP 
requests, but they really aren't in competition with each other.  I'd 
encourage you to look at Zope knowing that you will still be able to 
leverage your knowledge of Apache.



At 07:33 PM 3/16/2003, Jianping Zhu wrote:

>I am prtty good in apache, but have a little bot knowlege about zope.
>Can somebody tell me what advantabes does zope have over apache. or point
>to me some article comparing zope to apache?
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>Univerity of Georgia
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