[Zope] what advantage does zope has over apache (help)

george donnelly list@zettai.net
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 11:56:54 -0500

[Jianping Zhu wrote (zjp@arches.uga.edu) on 3/16/03 10:33 PM]

> I am prtty good in apache, but have a little bot knowlege about zope.
> Can somebody tell me what advantabes does zope have over apache. or point
> to me some article comparing zope to apache?

Apache and Zope are complementary applications in a sense. apache is good at
serving static content fast and can cache and handle complex configurations.
Add php, perl mysql etc to Apache and you have a good web application
development environment.

Zope, on the other hand, is a complete application server that serves
dynamic content fast and makes it easier to develop complex applications

Many people run Zope and Apache together.


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