[Zope] IIS-VirtualHostMonster

volker.wend@efgbsh.de volker.wend@efgbsh.de
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 21:13:29 +0100

Hi Carsten,

using Zope behind IIS is not a problem at all. You have several options:

- use URL rewriting in IIS 
- use the 404 script 
- use an apache server in front of iis and zope
- ....

Just search on www.zope.org for IIS + Zope or "Zope behind IIS"


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Hi everybody,

I really have a big problem with the IIS Integration of Zope, and I am
really going nuts with this.
I use the IIS and Zope and want Zope to work behind IIS. (Win NT System)

I created a Virtual Host Monster and tried every possibilty in IIS to
rewrite incoming URLs but I really don't know
what I am doing wrong.

Can anybody help me, who had the same problem and solved it? 

Thanks in advance...