[Zope] Re: Re: pulling from another website

Michael Havard nhavar@hotmail.com
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 21:05:10 +0000

"javascript is evil. moreover, this won't work if someone browses the site 
with e.g. lynx."

Sorry but what a complete crock of elitist crap. Javascript, just like any 
other client side code, has it's uses (and abuses). Saying that Javascript 
is evil even in part because it can't be used by browsers like Lynx is 
equivelant to saying that CSS/Graphics are evil because the blind can't see 
them. Or that HTML 4.0 is bad because IE3 and NS4 don't implement it well.

Yes there are alot of script kiddies and even professional designers out 
there that use the propritary extensions (both MS's and Netscapes) and cause 
sites to be inaccessible to certain users. I think instead of bashing the 
language we should advocate better use. Let's keep blanket statements like 
"XXXXX is evil" out of the groups and focus on helping developer create 
better more accessible content using ALL of the tools at their disposal.

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