[Zope] IE 5.5+ and login problems

AM list_subscriber@neurobs.com
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 15:26:44 -0800

Well unfortunately I saw the same behavior on a new install of XP which 
came with IE 6

Is there ANY way to circumvent the Evil Empires nefarious attempts to 
break everything holy and standardized?


Jaroslav Lukesh wrote:

>: Odesílatel: AM <list_subscriber@neurobs.com>
>: The problem we are facing seems to manifest itself only in the IE 5.5+ 
>: browsers. We have been unable to reproduce it on Netscape or Mozilla or 
>: Opera.
>IE5.5 have authentication problems with Zope. Please use fresh install of
>IE4, IE5, IE6. Does not make upgrade of IE5.5. But you could try it.
>Regards, JL.
 >> Chris Withers wrote:
 >> Sounds like something, somewhere is caching the incorrect 
information for one of you Zope threads...
 >> cheers,


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