[Zope] How to fix a ZODB with a timestamp in the future?

Charles Y. Choi cchoi@sonicsinc.com
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 01:04:02 -0800

Folks -
In trying to pack a ZODB (Data.fs), I get the following message:

FileStorageError: The database has already been packed to a later time
or no changes have been made since the last pack

Given this, I try to repair the Data.fs by using the fsrecover.py
script in lib/python/ZODB/.  In doing this, it fixes the ZODB, but 
resets the timestamps of objects to a date in the year 2010.
Obviously this is not a good thing, so I've returned to using the
backed-up version of the ZODB.  Is there a way to fix this ZODB
so that the mis-timed transaction is removed or changed?