[Zope] Stupid Zope question for the week!

Michael Havard nhavar@hotmail.com
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 17:56:27 +0000

The problem that will happen when attempting to hook an XBOX or any other 
computer for that matter to the TV is that unless the TV is Digital or 
sufficiently large (over 32") text will be nearly unreadable and the highest 
resolution you are likely to get is 800x600.

I think that there's a whole host of other options for low profile PC's. 
Check out a site like linux-hacker.net. They talk about a bunch of lowcost 
easily modifiable (and some not so easily) computers that might meet your 

There are also a bunch of all-in-one (some flatscreen) units like the 
gateway profile, the old Compaq 3060 was nice and could be modified to hold 
newer equipment but it's next to impossible to come by. Some of these can be 
found on e-bay and other sites for relatively cheap and they're easily 
portable. Also their are the new shuttle systems out that are about the size 
or a shoe box (sans monitor). Get a shuttle box attach a handle, get a 
flexible keyboard and a flat screen and you could fit it all in a decent 
size backpack.

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