[Zope] Re: Need a way to prevent new members form subscribing DIRECTLY

Maik Jablonski maik.jablonski@uni-bielefeld.de
Wed, 19 Mar 2003 15:02:55 +0100

Jean Baltus wrote:
> Is there a way to delay the subscription of new members to a Plone site?
> I would like to put new members on “pending state” and then give the 
> manager the ability to either
> approve the subscription or reject the subscription.
> Is there a way to do this in Plone? Is there a product available to do that?

Please ask questions concerning Plone on the plone-mailinglists 
(www.plone.org). The zope@zope.org-mailinglist deals only with problems 
relating to the "native" Zope Application Server.

Cheers, Maik

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