[Zope] how to access content inside folders of zclasses?

einar jensen einar@hf.ntnu.no
Thu, 20 Mar 2003 00:54:17 +0100

I have this zclass "Contentbox" in the product "contentProduct".
Inside the zclass i have a folder "manage_images" with some pictures.

How do I reference to the content of the folder when I have instanciated my 
zclass? Also in the ZMI.

It all looks something like this:

|-[Control Panel]
|          |
|       [ContentProduct]
|                 |
|              [Contentboxzclass]
|                       |
|                     [folder]
|                           |
|                         Pic1
|                         Pic2

|             |
|        [ContentboxInstance]
|                      |
|                 index_html

So: I want to reference the images both in the index_html in my instance of 
contentbox, AND in the ZMI.

Is there an reference on how to do this somewhere?

Best regards
Einar Jensen