[Zope] how to get title property from python?

Jaroslav Lukesh lsh@wo.cz
Thu, 20 Mar 2003 08:33:55 -0000

: Odesílatel: Chris Withers <chrisw@nipltd.com>
: > I customize STX and want to get from image property Title image
: > in python script:
: >
: > <img src="%s" alt="get_title_from(%s)">
: perhaps you mean something like this?
: <img src="fred.jpg" alt="xxx" tal:attributes="alt here/?fred.jpg/title">

No, I dont mean DTML document/TAL, I mean in python scripts from

output('<a href="%s/sys_show_fullimage"><img src="%s.thumb.jpg" alt="%s"
align="%s"></a>\n' % (doc.href, doc.href, doc.href, doc.align))

So ALT is not from doc.getNodeValue() like in STX, but from image property

Sorry for bad question.

J. Lukesh