[Zope] Basic, conceptual help / advice?

Andy McKay andy@agmweb.ca
Thu, 20 Mar 2003 09:24:22 -0800

Oliver Bleutgen wrote:
> Sean, I also like the CMF ways esp. for the skins tool, but how do you 
> handle the stuff coming with CMF you _don't_ want to use. Like the 
> membertool, workflows, syndication etc. Do you have a custom CMF-site 
> object, do you delete the autocreated objects you don't like after 
> adding a stock CMF site? Also, how are you handling the fact that now 
> your products now are "not in one piece", since methods are spread 
> through the skins tool?
> I really wish the CMF wouldn't be effectively one big software BLOB.
> Any clever tricks to share?

You can easily reuse some of bits out of the CMF into component bits if 
you want. For example I wrote a product that just uses the skins 
component of CMFCore, so that when you add this folderish product, it 
adds a few skins in.

The user can then skin the product as they see fit. It worked out pretty 
well and didnt take long to write.
   Andy McKay