[Zope] zope-2.6.1+zeo-2.0.2 not trouble

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 21:30:16 +0100

Bakhtiar A Hamid wrote at 2003-3-21 11:08 +0800:
 > ....
 > running ./stop will only kill the parent process, i.e 17160 in the below 
 > example.  the other processes can only be killed with a kill -9 17161.

You find a corresponding problem report and patch in the collector:

  Zope's shutdown implementation (new in 2.6.1) is broken.
  It tries to close the database connections inside
  the signal handler. As it acquires a lock for this,
  a deadlock results when another thread helds the lock.

That patch is very crude.

Toby has a more general solution in a CVS branch.

Search the archives for details.

All the above is only about the 'cannot be killed other than by "kill -9"'.
It does not address the hanging.

We, too, see this behaviour -- but only under Solaris and
not under Linux. We use ZEO 1 with Zope 2.6.1.