[Zope] Help using list within python method

Passin, Tom tpassin@mitretek.org
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 16:10:37 -0500

[Michael Long]
> I have a method that is returning an error that I have not=20
> been able to
> resolve. I have tried to duplicate the error in python to no=20
> avail. I am
> sure the solution is very simple I just don't see it.
>  Here is the method:
>     172         def listEntriesByGroup(self, groups=3D["All"]):
>     173                 "Method to list Entries"
>     174                 ret=3D[]
>     175                 if type(groups) !=3D ListType:
>     176                         EntryIDs =3D [groups]
>     177                 if groups =3D=3D "All":
>     178                         for entry in self.Entries.values():
>     179                                 ret.append(entry)
>     180                 else:
>     181                         for entry in self.Entries.values():
>     182                                 if entry.Group in groups:
>     183                                         ret.append(entry)
>     184                 return ret
> The traceback is:
>   Module Products.dlAddressBook.AddressBook, line 182, in=20
> listEntriesByGroup
> TypeError: 'in <string>' requires character as left operand

Your test if groups =3D=3D "All" must always fail if no argument is =
in(since the default argument is a list, not a string)  or if the
argument is a string.  If so, you will always execute the "else" at line
180, where the traceback says the error is..

Now if groups is really a string and entry.Group is not a string, that
would cause the error.  So you had best check to see what type of
critter you are using there.

Are you sure  you did not mean to make use of EntryID somewhere?


Tom P