[Zope] Deleted role and user's assigned role behavior.

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Sat, 22 Mar 2003 22:29:27 +0100

Felipe Barousse Bou=E9 wrote at 2003-3-21 23:20 -0600:
 > .... role deletion does not remove references to the role ....
 > 1.- Do not allow role deletions if there are users with that role
 > assigned.
 > or
 > 2.- Delete the role with no further questions and delete all assignmen=
 > to any and all users that have that role assigned at role deletion tim=
 > or
 > 3.- A more complex combination of validations.....
 > Any comments on the above behavior are appreciated.

Say, it would be nicer, when role references were removed
with the role.

However, Zope does not maintain a data structure that would
allow to efficiently find the references to a role.
A brute force search operation would be necessary, which
might be very expensive.

In several such cases, Zope simply does nothing and leaves
it to the application to clean up state when it thinks
it need to.