[Zope] Zipfile and dtml output for dynamic openoffice docs creation

Luis Mariano Luporini lluporini@yahoo.com.ar
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 15:17:49 -0300

Hi list!

I'm learning Zope and Python. I'm trying to generate an openoffice 
writer doc dynamically.

I'm using a dtml method that, by now, has static content and outputs a 
xml oo writer friendly string (oo format compliant).

I'd like to go through this procedure:

1) take the output of the dtml method and feed it into a python script,
2) in the script zip it (forcing something like content.xml to the name 
of the zipped string taken from 1),
3) and then generate the correct hearders to allow a user with a browser 
to download the zip file (indeed a sxw document).

I've read through python docs and learnt a little about zipfile module, 
but the write function of a ZipeFile object expects a filename param 
that must refer to an existing filesystem file.

Is it posible to get the output of 1 and generate a zipfile (preferably 
in memory, StringIO i think), compressing just the that output without 
the need to save it in the filesystem temporally?

Thank in advance.


PD: It's a great community out there. I really feel comfortable in this