[Zope] How to access ZODB from python code

Gabriel Genellina gagenellina@softlab.com.ar
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 19:25:51 -0300


I want to get access to some Zope objects stored in ZODB, from *outside* of 
any other Zope object (so I dont have anything to call getPhysicalRoot() or 
restrictedTraverse() on) but from *inside* python code running in the Zope 
This doesnt work:

         from Zope import Zope
         app = Zope.app()

The Zope server freezes, I guess there is a deadlock there.

Currently, I'm using a single instance of a bogus product (a singleton) 
stored at the root of the Zope hierarchy, just to get access to the ZODB. I 
dont like it being a product nor being stored in the Zope database, but I 
cant access the Zope DB otherwise.
How could I do that?

Gabriel Genellina
Softlab SRL