[Zope] who is using webdav to build zope site?

Einar Nęss Jensen einjen@nvg.ntnu.no
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:46:42 +0100

At 10:49 25.03.2003 -0600, you wrote:
>I am just curious: I try to use webdav to edit my web-sites (it was looking
>more promising than the external editor).
>Up to now I have tried the Jedit Dav plugin and skunkdav. Skundav seams much
>more useful.
>Question: what is the best (free) webdav client/editor that you have used?

Klient: the built in one for winNT/win2000/winXP works good enough. Remeber 
to start zope with option: -W [portnumber]
and connect with webdav this way:
and NOT the standard portnumber 8080

With Windows: I have only tried Dreamweaver, but it works fine (as long as 
you fiddle a littlte with something called "PUT_factory" (an external 
method which auto-creates the object-types you want)).
also: Dreamweaver can not have filenames without ".html" or other filename 
endings (stupid, stupid, stupid).

the locking-mechanism between dreamweaver and zope was not easy to figure 
out, put eventually, that also works ok (you have to remember to check in 
and out files).

I'm going to test Golive the next couple of weeks. It may prove a better 

BTW: use zope templates and not dtml-methods/documents. I have not, and I 
am starting to regret.

Best regards
Einar jensen