[Zope] Debugging

Wim Bekker wim@dv-rec.com
Wed, 26 Mar 2003 09:49:53 +0100

>J Cameron Cooper wrote:
>I'm not familiar with any IDEs or debugging tools -- not that there 
>aren't any: I just don't use 'em. If you really want to do so, I'm sure 
>you can setup up something like this with regular Python tools and use 
>breakpoints or stepthrough or whatnot.

I'm working on an intranet Zwiki and want to use it for project management.
I need to know all the details. Using an IDE I can walk through all the code
and this provides a very good learning curve for me.

I've installed python23 on my system but zope is not using it because it
uses python21 that came with the installation. If I use python23 to run
p2.py, I get an error saying that python21.dll is not compatible.

My biggest problem now is to run zope with pyton23. Any idea's ??