[Zope] var/Data.fs: any way to regenerate from scratch?

Marc G. Fournier scrappy@hub.org
Wed, 26 Mar 2003 16:52:22 -0400 (AST)

On Wed, 26 Mar 2003, Rocky Burt wrote:

> The ZODB which is stored in your Data.fs is a OODBMS.  Whomever is using
> your Zope instance is probably storing all of his python scripts, html,
> dtml, zpt's, etc in the ZODB (Data.fs) but storing actual business data
> in a MySQL installation.  (ie, the scripts and pages used to show user
> data are in Data.fs, the user data itself is probably in the MySQL
> instance).

Damn, that's what I feared :(  This is going to be a nightmare :(

Okay, next question ... as far as I can tell, the site itself is working
great, from the users perspective, its just when we try to go into the
'manage' interface to add new folders and such that we have the problem
... we have yet to find a 'bad page' in the users front end ... if the
Data.fs was corrupted, based on how you describe how it works above,
shouldn't the users front end also be broken?

> ps. Still at Acadia Marc? ;)

Yup ...