[Zope] Newbie: running Zope for the first time - Linux

Alberto Odor aodor@cnr.gob.mx
Wed, 26 Mar 2003 15:24:23 -0600

I have installed and runned Zope and Plone under Windows. However I'm new to
Linux and Zope under Linux.

I have done this:

1) installed Linux 8.0 which is working OK.
2) d/l zope-2.6.1-linux2-i386.tgz
3) decompiled and installed zope with directions of the Zope Book and the
Zope Bible
4) mv the installation to: /usr/local/Zope

if I run the ./start script I get:
1) ZServer HTTP host:AomServidor port:8080
2) ZServer FTP    host:AomServidor port:8021
3) ZServer PCGI usr/local/Zope/var/pcgi.soc
4) z2 STARTUP EXEPTION: file /usr/local/Zope/z2.py line 84 - a user was not
specified to set uid to; fix this to start as root

If I try to access Zope Management console with http://localhost:8080 or or http://AomServidor:8080
i get:
1) The connection was refused when attempting to connect to

I'm sure it must be some permissions or config problem, but my Linux
knowledge doesn't let me fix it.
If you can help me, it will save me hours of trial and error.

Alberto Odor, MD
Mexico City