[Zope] Z SQL Method results and ZClasses

Geir Bækholt Geir Bækholt
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 22:09:53 +0100

On  Thu, 27 Mar 2003 14:35:03 -0600 GMT (..21:35 where i live(GMT+1) )
J Cameron Cooper told the Zope mailinglist the following:

>>In the advanced tab I'm only able to assign python based classes en no
>>I want to assign a ZClass, is it possible to inherit a Zclass in a pyth=
JCC> Oops. Good point.

JCC> Looking at the Pluggable Brains source, it looks like it still depends 
JCC> on traditional Python modules.  Since it really just needs a class, it 
JCC> shouldn't be hard to patch App.Extensions (and maybe Shared.DC.ZRDB.DA) 
JCC> to work with ZClasses, though I don't really know anything about how 
JCC> ZClasses implemented, as I don't use 'em.

JCC> If you can't do it, maybe a collector issue will get some action in time.

hmmm.. i am almost 100% sure i have assigned Zclasses to
result objects.. It may be some versions ago, but as ZSQLMethods
have been rather quiet for some time now, there is no reason it should
not be possible still..

Cannot remember how, though, but i think you can act as if it is a
regular python class, and just fill in the name in the class-field
under the advanced tab..

give it a shot, Ralph, it might just work ;)

Geir Bækholt