[Zope] ZClass embedding HTML and PDF

Fabio Rolando ziofunk@tiscali.it
Fri, 28 Mar 2003 12:16:26 +0100

>Take a look at the product MSWordDocumentFS. It has these features, except 
>it works from Msword-documents to html and pdf.
>It uses wvware to generate html and pdf, but if you do not have this, you 
>can still take a looka at the source and see how it is done, and then, 
>pherhaps implement it as a zclass.

...unfortunately I am doing the developement under Windows and this product 
is said to work only for Linux. Moreover, the HTML I have to apload in this 
ZClass has to be embedded in some kind of template to include header, 
footer and other html.

Thank you