[Zope] Data.fs error on Pack

george donnelly list@zettai.net
Fri, 28 Mar 2003 13:29:22 -0500

[Jon Whitener wrote (wmmail@twmi.rr.com) on 3/28/03 12:52 PM]

> I have a similar problem.  I installed Zope on Linux as a regular user, but
> then changed it to run as root so that ZServer can use port 80.  I changed the
> ownership of the var directory to root, and use the command line parameter -u
> regularUser.
> Now I can run Zserver on port 80, but I cannot pack the ZODB via the Web.  I
> get:
> Error Type: IOError
> Error Value: [Errno 13] Permission denied:
> '/home/user/Zope-2.6.0/var/Data.fs.pack'
> I'm no Linux expert.  What do we need to do to start Zope as root, switch
> running to a regular user (using -u on z2.py), and still be able to pack the
> database?

It sounds like the var directory is not owned by the user you are running
Zope as.

I would suggest you do this: run apache on port 80 and Zope on port 8080 as
a user other than root or nobody, a dedicated user, eg zope.

then rewrite requests to apache to go to Zope. there are many howtos on this
on zope.org.

This gives you many benefits, among them robustness and simplified admin of


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