[Zope] Call Product Constructor

Jason Bush jason@nol.org
Fri, 28 Mar 2003 16:47:55 -0600

I believe you want to add the folder when you create the object.
in the ZIDProduct file, in your manage_addZID method

where id is the folder id/title is the folder title
if createPublic has a true value a index_html file is created within the 
if createUserF has a true value an acl_user folder is created within the 

Matt Ficken wrote:

>This is the __init__.py of my product (ZID):
>from ZIDProduct import ZID
>def initialize ( context ):
>  context.registerClass(
>    ZID,
>    constructors = (
>      ZID.manage_addZIDForm,
>      ZID.manage_addZID,
>      ZID.manage_add_folder
>    )
>  )
>I want the constructor ZID.manage_add_folder to get called at the end of the initialize function. How do I do this?

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