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OFSP is a product that comes with Zope that provides the necessary machinery
to allow you to add folders and 'versions' (ZODB versions, which are
long-running-transactions that usually cause more trouble than good) in the
Zope Management Interface.   Code in lib/python/Products/OFSP also makes it
possible to use ZClasses to subclass a folder or other classes defined in
lib/python/OFS, as well as use these classes in the ZMI.

If you want to add new folders programmatically, you can call the factory
method defined for Folder from a through-the-web Python Script object:


FYI, if you try to do this and the folder is already there, you will get an
error, for which reason you may want to consider wrapping this in a
try/except pair that deals with any exceptions if you try to run a script
that creates folders (either that, or give your folders meaningfully unique

The following google search results might be a starting point for more info
on doing this in other situations where you need to add content


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Can anyone tell me what OFSP is.Also is it possible to
write a python script that adds new folders in zope.


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