[Zope] Catalog: access index value in ZPT

Florian Konnertz florian.konnertz@web.de
Mon, 31 Mar 2003 09:28:32 +0200

Hi all,

ZWiki, IssueTracker: I want to get all issues from the current folder 
but not the subfolder/subwiki (which has an own catalog and issuetracker).
AFAICS a catalog always catalogues the subfolders and i cannot configure 
it to not do this, is this right?
So i have to do it with query logic resp. filtering the results later.

My IssueTracker implementation is in ZPT, it's translated 1:1 from the 
dtml-version, so it does a query and loops over it at once:

<span tal:repeat="item python: blahblah and (Catalog(isIssue=1, blahbla)
and ... blah blah">

### condition for path should go here (?)
### table rows for the results

</span>   ### repeat loop

How can i show only issues (items) from the current folder? I thought 
about using the path index, so i added it to the metadate in Catalog 
cfg. and updated the Cat. Then i try to access the path from an item with

<span tal:replace="python:item.path"></span>
(print it for testing)

but that doesn't work. All other metadata can be accessed via 
"item.metadata", only path indizes not. Why?

Is there a better way to do that?

Cheers , TIA,

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