[Zope] Zope and permissions in Linux

Michael Long mlong@datalong.com
03 May 2003 11:52:58 -0400

The zope user installed by SuSE is configured as a deamon accout. If you
would like to login as the zope user you will need to modify /etc/passwd
so that the zope user looks something like this:

zope:x:64:2:Zope daemon:/opt/zope26:/bin/bash

Then you can login as the zope user and start zope as that user.


On Sat, 2003-05-03 at 06:27, Fernando Martins wrote:
> I'm moving my web site from OS/2 to Suse 8.2 and I've a few questions to
> understand how to deal with the permissions.
> The installation creates a user called zope which owns the directory
> var/gadfly and also var/gadfly/demo. I tried to create another directory,
> gadfly/db to put my database files in.
> However, I could not 'su zope' as I didn't know the password given at
> install time. I was not present during the Suse install but my colleague
> doesn't remember having seen a password for Zope (as stated in a couple of
> pages online, the install script outputs a password).
> Then, I went root and I gave zope a new password. Only afterwards, I
> realised this was probably a mistake. What happens if I restart Zope?
> Anyways, even after changing the password i could not su zope. Nothing would
> happen. So to create var/gadfly/db I went root and then chown the directory
> to zope. Was this the correct procedure?
> Also, I've a little External method file to install. Should it be owned by
> root or by zope?
> Any good piece of advice regarding zope security in Linux? (it's an internal
> web site but still)
> Thanks,
> Fernando
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