[Zope] 40,000 users - 800,000 documents

Max M maxm@mxm.dk
Tue, 06 May 2003 08:31:33 +0200

Robert Jean wrote:

>We are seeking information on running Zope under an
>extreme load. Here are the metrics of the system that
>we would like to migrate:
># of users with an account:              40,000
># of R/O concurrent users at peak time:   5,000
># of R/W concurrent users at peak time:   5,000
># of (static) documents:		800,000

>Your opinion on this topic will be very much

I think that the weak spot could be the 5000 R/W users. That should 
certainly be tested. It also depends on what the 5000 users are writing 
simultaniously. Perhaps that cen be moved to a rdbms if nessecary.

Other than that, your tactics look sound. Caching being the key here. 
Anything that can possibly be cached/ stored statically should be. 
Perhaps you could even have that in mind when designing the pages. Ie. 
by not putting something like "A clever quote" on the fronpage so it 
willl ned to be generated every time.

regards Max M