[Zope] Multi-User File/Document Sharing

Chris Cochella chris@streamcapture.com
Tue, 6 May 2003 12:12:35 -0600

Dear Zope Community,

I am evaluating Zope for a particular purpose:  Secure document sharing.


Lawyer wants to share documents (Word, Excel) with multiple clients.  
Thus, the lawyer (admin) needs the ability to upload/download files for 
multiple client "accounts".  The client only needs to download/upload 
files associated with their account.

In addition, we would need a "stamp" of the filename, show uploaded 
(downloaded) it, file size, file type, description, etc.

The files are not Website "content" per se, so I am not sure if this 
fits into the scope of what Zope is capable of "out of the box".

Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.

Best regards,