[Zope] Load a document in ExternalMethod

Fabio Rolando ziofunk@tiscali.it
Wed, 07 May 2003 17:32:04 +0200

I realize that I should have preponed "Newbie" in my question (;-P), 
because I dont even know what the "brain" is (...in this context I mean...)

However, I managed to get the object with
object = self.Catalog.getobject(data_record_id_)

Discussing about the opportunity of using ExternalMethod would be quite 
interesting for me too, but I thought not to bother the list too much, yes, 
if you're so kind to give me your opinion I'd be really thankfull. The 
reason why I want to use External Method is that I need to read back the 
object found by the catalog, parse it and extract some quote of the text to 
make some sort of Google-like response. For this I was thinking to use the 
RegularExpression module that cannot be used in "internal" python script... 
then, I also thought it could have been good to get some experience with 
external methods.


  At 10:49 07-05-03 Wednesday, you wrote:
>Fabio Rolando wrote:
>>forgive my probably dumm question.
>>I have some ZCatalog search results. I pass the 'data_record_id_' to an 
>>ExternalMethod in which I need to load the documtent referenced by the 
>>'data_record_id_' in order to parse it.
>What's stopping oyu from just passing the brain to the external method?
>If you did that, you could just do:
>obj = brain.getObject()
>PS: Of course, why you need to use an External Method here would probably 
>also be interesting to discuss ;-)
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