[Zope] GET vs. POST

Eron Lloyd elloyd@lancaster.lib.pa.us
Fri, 9 May 2003 14:43:52 -0400

On Friday May 9 2003 2:37 pm, Geir B=E6kholt wrote:
> Luckily you can easily specify whether you want your forms to use POST
> or GET by use of the 'method'-attribute of the form-element in HTML.
> ;)

Yes, I forgot to mention that, too.

One of the things that makes Zope really amazing is just how clean it is=20
possible to keep your URLs if you design the site's structure right. Doing=
the equivalent in a purely CGI/database environment like PHP or ASP produce=
awfully complicated URLs, that honestly aren't even worth writing out, much=
less trying to get an end-user to be able to understand. Zope is quite=20
elegant in this respect.



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