[Zope] ownership fun and games.

Anthony Baxter Anthony Baxter <anthony@interlink.com.au>
Tue, 13 May 2003 02:01:52 +1000

>>> Chris Withers wrote
> Not if you have any kind of need for an audit trail.
> You want to know who did what, and when.
> The approach I suggested is particularly handy as you get a transaction entry
> when yo ureset their password, so you can tell when they should have stopped 
> doing things ;-)

Nope, sorry, doesn't work for me. If you can't safely delete a user, then
a) the 'delete' button should be removed from the acl_users tab 
b) an alternate 'retire' option should be created.

"Just change the password" is not a particularly safe or sane way to do

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