[Zope] Product/ZClass/??? Problem

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Tue, 13 May 2003 19:28:06 +0200

Simon wrote at 2003-5-12 22:07 -0400:
 > ... ZClass with "index_html" ...
 > ...
 > I can create an instance of ToolBar and add some buttons to it and
 > everything looks fine, when I try to view it I see what I expect, however
 > when I try to reference the toolbar from another element ie: if I have a
 > ToolBar tools and I write <dtml-var tools> I get <ToolBar at tools> in the
 > output.

Contrary to wide spread expectations "<dtml-var XXX>" does not call
"XXX"s "index_html" (this is done only by ZPublisher during URL traversal).
Instead, it calls "XXX", if it is callable.

	<dtml-with expr="tools">
	  <dtml-var index_html>


Read more about it in


 > Furthermore, I would like to be able to create products that have their
 > own toolbars, say:
 > AggregateWidget
 >   AggregateWidget (ZClass)
 >     index_html (to disply it's self)
 >     AgWToolBar (Instance of ToolBar with a defined set of ToolBar_Buttons)
 > and then in the index_html, if I try to access AgWToolBar with something
 > like <dtml-var AgWToolBar>, when I create an instance of AggreateWidget
 > and then view it, I get and error:
 > Error Type: Unauthorized
 > Error Value: You are not allowed to access AgWToolBar in this context

The default permissions of ZClasses are extremely restricted.
You must map permissions in the corresponding tab as appropriate.