[Zope] ZODB without undo functionality

Ulla Theiss u.theiss@eurodata.de
Fri, 16 May 2003 10:59:00 +0200

Hello list,

I use the ZODB seperately from Zope. The Undo-functionlity of the
FileStorage makes a lot of sense for the usage by Data.fs. But it's just
inconvenient for my application. I don't need the functionality, but
because of the functionality more disk space is needed, I have to
implement way to pack the database quite often an I suppose because of
the big amount of data the application has performance losses.

My question: Is there a way, to get the FileStorage to work without the
undo functionality?

I've tried other Storages (gdbmStorage and anydbmStorage) but could not
get them to work. Could you recommend them or another Storage? Or should
I stay by the FileStorage.

Thanks in advance,