[Zope] sorting in dtml-in

Marie Robichon robichon@esrf.fr
Fri, 16 May 2003 16:29:08 +0200

I have a table generated from a database that I want to be able to sort by 
different criteria by clicking on the column headers and reloading the 
page, however I have tried various syntaxes for the <dtml-in 
selectAllProjects sort=....> line, and although the table rows are shifted 
around it doesn't seem to follo any logic.  Could someone explain the 
correct syntax to me please?

I tried :

<dtml-in selectAllProjects sort='<dtml-var sortby missing="">'>

also tried doing a <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('sortby', sortby)"> with 
<dtml-in selectAllProjects sort=sortby> but have probably got the 
REQUEST.set stuff wrong too.

Here's the table

<table border="1" width="100%">
     <td><a href="BE?sortby=responsible">Responsible</a></td>
     <td><a href="BE?sortby=beamline">BL#</a></td>
     <td><a href="BE?sortby=project_title">Title</a></td>
     <td><a href="BE?sortby=project_description">Description</a></td>
     <td><a href="BE?sortby=status">Status</a></td>
     <td><a href="BE?sortby=installdate">Install date</a></td>
     <td><a href="BE?sortby=updated">Updated on</a></td>

<dtml-in selectAllProjects sort=????>
     <td><dtml-var responsible></td>
     <td><dtml-var beamline></td>


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