[Zope] ZODB without undo functionality

J Cameron Cooper jccooper@jcameroncooper.com
Fri, 16 May 2003 17:54:36 -0500

>I use the ZODB seperately from Zope. The Undo-functionlity of the
>FileStorage makes a lot of sense for the usage by Data.fs. But it's just
>inconvenient for my application. I don't need the functionality, but
>because of the functionality more disk space is needed, I have to
>implement way to pack the database quite often an I suppose because of
>the big amount of data the application has performance losses.
>My question: Is there a way, to get the FileStorage to work without the
>undo functionality?
>I've tried other Storages (gdbmStorage and anydbmStorage) but could not
>get them to work. Could you recommend them or another Storage? Or should
>I stay by the FileStorage.
There's stuff coming down the pipe (or just landed) that can get you a 
non-undoable storage. There's some proposal in the Fishbowl about this 
(I think) and I believe that DirectoryStorage has or will very soon grow 
this option. You might also be able to do this with Ape (nee 
AdaptableStorage) -- I don't know for sure, but I say this because Ape 
can do anything. It baked me a pie last Tuesday.

But perhaps what you need is very old. In the ZODB code there is at 
least one other dead simple implementation of a storage that iirc is 
non-undoable. Dunno if it still works or anything else, but I have seen 
such a beast. Browse the ZODB source (perhaps via cvs.zope.org.) I'd 
love to look it up for you, but I'm about to get locked in my building.