[Zope] Zcatalog & KeywordIndex

John Toews john@academiccolab.org
Tue, 20 May 2003 14:38:15 -0500

Thanks! I actually have the Zope book right in front of me but that
didn't pop out. Now that I created it as a text index it seems to work
fine. Are there any better books on Zope (I hope that question isn't
sacrilege), preferably focusing on Python over DTML.

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> I'm having some difficulties using my Zcatalog & my KeywordIndex=20
> within that catalog.
> I have a subdirectory of different files, each with a property called=20
> "repo_keywords". I created a KeywordIndex called "repo_keywords". When

> I search using this, I must enter the exact text within the=20
> repo_keywords property (instead of just one word or a phrase).

A keyword is as the name says a keyword. Means: you can only search for
existing keywords and you *can not* use partial words. That's what
fulltext indexes are for. Check the Zope Book for details!