[Zope] Other content types and ZPT

Jeremy Cook Jeremy.Cook@ii.uib.no
21 May 2003 11:17:34 +0200


I want to create a real audio metafile (.ram extension) on the fly using
templates but am struggling with this. A .ram file should contain a
single line with the URL of the media file that I want the client
browser to play. I want to create this URL using ZPT so that the correct
URL relative to the portal home is given.

I don't want to use a hard coded URL because that would mean that my
media content wouldn't work when I move my portal to another location
for off-line editing. It would also mean that links could be broken in
an obscure way some time in the future.

If I create a 'page template' called 'RMTheJam.ram' with a simple line
pointing (for now) to a hardcoded URL:


and then in the Page template editor change the content_type from
text/html to audio/x-pn-realaudio then I get an error 

  "cannot import name expat".

Any ideas how to achieve a dynamic real audio metafile?

I am running zope 2.6.1

Jeremy Cook <Jeremy.Cook@ii.uib.no>