[Zope] FYI: ZOPE RPMs for RedHat 8.0 and 9, SuSE 8.x, Debian/woody

Marcus Schopen mschopen@dzug.org
Thu, 22 May 2003 16:05:36 +0200


Wondering why RedHat doesn't provide RPMs for Zope, I spent a weekend to 
make one of the most popular web application servers availible for one 
of the most popular linux distributions.

You can download RPMs for RedHat 8.0 and 9, SuSE 8.x and Debian/woody 
deb from my member site


or from the mirror of German/Deutsche Zope User Group (DZUG)


Feel free to use this service. Any bugreport and feedback is welcome. 
Please send to mschopen at dzug org.

be zoped
Marcus Schopen

Marcus Schopen        (0>
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