[Zope] Temporary Storage?

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Thu, 22 May 2003 20:47:19 +0200

Hi Chris,

Chris Withers wrote at 2003-5-22 15:53 +0100:
 > What is a 'Temporary Folder'?

A folder that goes away when Zope exists.

It is temporary in the sense that it is not persistent and
dies when the Zope process stops.

 > How does it relate to a 'Session Data Container'?

The "Session Data Container" is (by default) placed in a
Temporary Folder.

 > What happens if you instantiate a 'Session Data Container' in a normal folder?

Then the session info survives, in principle, a Zope restart.
As the "Session Data Container" (usually) implements expiration
timeouts, sessions will be invalidated when the are not accessed
recently (e.g. because Zope was dead for some time).

 > Are previous revisions for objects kept in memory or on disk for information 
 > stores in a TF

Temporary Storage (the ZODB storage used by Temporary Folder)
maintains one previous revision in memory (to support limited
conflict resolution).

 > or SDC?

The "Session Data Container" does not maintain previous revisions.

 > Can you use either of these to store a mapping where you want key/value pairs to 
 > expire after a certain amount of time?

I think, a Session Data Container will do this happily...

 > If so, how would you do so?

Straight forward ;-)