[Zope] Newbie: ODBC Error

Passin, Tom tpassin@mitretek.org
Fri, 23 May 2003 10:48:14 -0400

[ Linn, Daniel B - CIEP-3]

> I am unable to create a ODBC Connection.  I fill out the id,=20
> the title, and the connection string, but if I have the box=20
> checked that says to open connection immediately, I get a 400=20
> Page not found error.  It does create the object.  I can go=20
> to it and it will say the connection is closed.  I can go to=20
> the properties and change the settings, but whenever I try to=20
> open the connection I get the 400 error.  Am I missing=20
> something?  If my connection string is the problem, is this=20
> the error I'm supposed to see?

I remember something like this happening to me a few years ago, but I do
not remember the details.  It may have been with Interbase or MySQL.  It
turned out that I had to use a different format for the connection
string.  I finally found an example somewhere and it worked when I tried

Depending on the adapter, often the default string works and you do not
need to type one in yourself.

Why don't you tell us what database, adapter, version, and OS you are
using, along with examples of connections strings that you though should
work but do not?


Tom P