[Zope] debugging spinning zope

Dan Keshet dkesh@channel1.com
Mon, 26 May 2003 13:14:04 -0400

On my Zope development server, I have gotten Zope into the following state:

When I start it, it appears to work.  It responds to malformed requests with 
an HTTP 500, to incorrect pages with an HTTP 404, but for any valid request, 
it just spins.  It correctly logs the errors in Z2.log, but does not log the 
valid requests.  Medusa logs my connections, but spins rather than giving me 
a login prompt.

A clever fellow on #zope sent me to:


but I've had some problems with it:

1) my var/Z2.pid file only contains one process id.

2) If I choose any of the zope processes to attach to, I can successfully 
attach to them, and successfully "info threads", but none of the threads are 
using much CPU, and running the PyRunSimpleString command on them always 
turns out badly.

Any pointers?

Debian, python2.1.3, Zope2.6.1 (compiled from source, not using Debian pkg.)