[Zope] bobotime

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Mon, 26 May 2003 20:50:36 +0200

Einar N=E6ss Jensen wrote at 2003-5-26 13:16 -0700:
 > I have an index_html (dtmlMethod) which prints the date it was last mo=
 > <dtml-var=20
 > expr=3D"REQUEST['PUBLISHED'].bobobase_modification_time().strftime('%m=
 > %H:%M')">
 > This would work fine if I access the full url of the object:
 > http://www.bobosite.org/index_html
 > But: if i just type
 > http://www.bobosite.org/
 > It will render the date of the root folders last modification date.
 > Why don't they show the same date?

I think, it is a bug. File a bug report into

 > How can I make them do that?

You can use a DTML Document (you may then get other problems).

Probably better: switch to ZPT. It provides much more control
over the namespace and allows you to specify unmistakenly
whether you want to reference the template or the objects the template
is applied to.