[Zope] DirectoryStorage - no logon

Toby Dickenson tdickenson@geminidataloggers.com
Tue, 27 May 2003 14:59:08 +0100

On Tuesday 27 May 2003 2:37 pm, FNk wrote:

> I've created a user toto (who is a member of a group called zope). Then
> I've installed zope 2.6.0 with user toto (./install -u toto -g zope).

Im not familiar with any ./install tool. Whats that?

>  Then
> I installed DirectoryStorage_1.1.2. Before starting zope, I dropped root
> (su toto, then ./start).

That looks good.

> If I move custom_zodb it works fine (without DirectoryStorage). But when I
> use custom_zodb, Zope recognised DirectoryStorage and started properly

Make sure you have the -D switch in ./start (I think its the default) to turn 
on debug mode. zope will not run in the background, and you should see event 
log output. Is there anything of interest in there? (Im happy to take a look 
if you send it direct to me)

> But
> it's impossible to logon (zope/manage). The request is sent, but then it
> just waits indefinitely.

> In the Z2.logs, when I use FileStorage, it logs:
>  ... Get/manage_top_frame HHT/1.1 401 788
> Mozilla/5.0 ... (and other frames).
> With DirectoryStorage:
> ... Get/manage/ HTTP/1.1 401 638 "" Mozilla/5.0 ...
> The request isn't sent properly.

That line suggests that zope sent a 401 response, requesting that your browser 
prompts for a password. DirectoryStorage has worked well enough to load the 
root folder, user folder, and many other objects. Im not sure why that 
response didnt make it back to your browser :-(

Is this an empty DirectoryStorage, or one that has content copied from your 

Toby Dickenson