[Zope] DirectoryStorage - no logon

Toby Dickenson tdickenson@geminidataloggers.com
Tue, 27 May 2003 16:24:58 +0100

On Tuesday 27 May 2003 3:59 pm, FNk wrote:

> > Im not familiar with any ./install tool. Whats that?

> Zope's installation script allows us to create a user different than root
> to start the zope server (./install -u toto -g zope). So I've created a
> user "toto" and a groupe "zope".

It may not be related to your problem, but Im not familiar with any 
installation script called ./install. Which distribution is this?

> I'm using an empty DirectoryStorage. This is perhaps part of the problem.
> Cause it doesn't seem to recognize the password. The passwords must be
> stored in the FileStorage (data.fs)?


Originally you wrote:
> > > But when I try to logon (zope/manage)
> > > nothing happens. The request is sent, but then it just
> > > waits indefinitely. 

"waits indefinitely" is a different symptom to zope not recognising your 
password. If your browser keeps on requesting a password then Zope is running 
happily - you just havent created any user accounts yet.

> Perhaps I should copy it. How can I
> copy it from File to DirectoryStorage?

I suggest you use an "emergency user" to create a password to let you in to 
the empty storage, just to be sure that there are no other problems.

After that, the FAQ has an answer to "How can I copy data from a FileStorage 
into a DirectoryStorage?"  and your original passwords will work.


> I've send you in attachment the start log.

That all looks good

Toby Dickenson